Stepping Stone Theatre For Mental Health

Stepping Stone Theatre For Mental Health

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28 November 2020

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Sat 21 Nov 2020

About us

Hello there and thank you for reading this.

Stepping Stone Theatre For Mental Health provides a much loved and valued service for the community and to everyone connected to it.

Here is a little bit about ourselves:

We are a theatre group made up of people with mental health issues. All our members come from the Gainsborough and surrounding villages.  Professional actor and directors Bill and Kate Rodgers are founder members of the company. We create original shows based on our experiences of mental illness and the struggles we go through every day. Our members gain a sense of purpose and inclusion and find a voice for their issues and this helps to improve their confidence. We aim to enhance well-being through creativity; this way helps destigmatize the myths and fear of mental health.

Members of our company are people who all have lived experence of mental illness. Through storytelling, writing, improvisation and acting, the members explore their own experiences with mental illness and then present them to the general public. Our members gain confidence and a sense of inclusion, as well as experience the cathartic joy of creating theatre. Our audiences in the community, have also become more aware of how hard it sometimes can be living with mental health challenges.

As well as the main performing company, We also run a weekly Drama group for people who do not want to perform but have a story to tell. We do this in a warm, safe non clinical environment. This too helps with confidence and personal growth. Sharing stories with each other is a great way to start a conversation about how you are feeling.  We also run a Saturday walking group, this gives people an opportunity to talk about any issues which are bothering them in a friendly supportive and healthy out door environment.

All of the groups we run are free to members and have now become, what has been called, "The Stepping Stone Family". We offer grass roots  peer support at its best.

With your Support, we hope to continue to offer the good work already in place and  expand and grow our services!

Thank you for reading this and good luck, we hope you win! 

Yours Gratefully

Mr Bill Rodgers

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